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My name is Francesca Bacci and I am a musician (pianist). Over a period spanning 30 years, I had the great privilege and joy of training with Sergio Fiorentino, the Napolitan Master. Hence, recognising his contribution by naming this School after him. The International Music school, "Sergio Fiorentino" created with the support of the Rome Region within the "Liceo G. Caetani", has allowed us to provide teaching in different musical areas.

The purpose of the International School is to accompany the young on a musical journey with the guidance of its professors.

The School is supported by the "Rinaldo Franci" higher studies musical school of Siena whereby our students will acquire course credits and sit exams at the Franci School.

The Sergio Fiorentino School will provide courses from early to more advanced learners in variety of musical instruments with the aim of providing a high level of teaching to introduce students to the world of music and harmony. Study grants and opportunity to play in some of Rome's Most prestigious concert halls will also be available.
Interview with the Artistic Francesca Bacci,
of the International School of Music Sergio Fiorentino,
during the music recital on Saturday, June 9th, 2012.

Sede: La Scuola Internazionale di Musica Sergio Fiorentino
Liceo G. Caetani, Piazza Mazzini 41
00195 Roma, Italia